IMPORTANT: for many people using Windows, game won't work on Chrome, please try on Firefox or IE.

This is a "path memory" game. You drive a mine cart than make LEFT or RIGHT decisions over a series of intersections in a mysterious abandoned mine. One of the path is correct, one is incorrect. When you take the wrong turn, you fail and the game start over from the highest point reached.  The goal is to remember which is the right path to progress more and more intersections. (You can't observe which is the right turn at first, only way is to try it). You start at level 1 where there is only one intersection. When you reach the end, the cart will start over the same map but from an higher point. You will have to remember all path taken previous and it gets more and more complicated!


  • LEFT arrow, RIGHT arrow (or Swipe on mobile): changing the direction
  • SPACE (or Tap&Hold on mobile): brake. this is only useful if your cart goes very fast and you don't want it to go too crazy to see things

Important: Unfortunately my WebGL shader is a bit intensive to compile and might freeze forever on some machines (even tho it's performant enough to run). Try LOW quality if this happen (it disables the normal lighting). if you are on Windows, it is preferable to use IE than Chrome. For some reason, Chrome on Windows appear to have issues compiling the shader. There are some issues on Android, I have not tested a lot on iPhone but should work in LOW mode.

Key Features

  • 16 unique biomes (some common, some rare)
  • 256 mines to explore (in Random Game mode) from 00 to FF (hexa)
  • Daily Challenge running a new map each day, unique per day. Challenge other players by trying to reach the best score. (highscores are saved per level reached)

The Biomes

EMPTY: This is the most common boring Biome.

INTERS: This is where intersections occur and you have to make the damn choice.

DANG: A common place with crazy turns and slopes. Watch out your head to not hit the the wood boards.

COPPER: Copper! well,.. I think.. this is.. copper. Isn't it? oh.. wait.. hold on...

COAL: A very black area where human used to mine coal. I guess.

DARK: A dark and wide space where you can observe fireflies. It is said you can hear strange sounds.

WIRED: common place where there seems to be human activity there, but nothing is more sure.

CLIFF: abyss with scary atmosphere.

VOID: "We become aware of the void as we fill it".

FIRE: Damn, I don't want to stay here too long.

ICY: Same but for the opposite reason.

GOLD: so much gold. very lucky.

SAPPHIRE: sapphire, baby.

????: mysterious biome to discover. Everything have a purpose.


Graphics overview

Development timelapse

Technical source code review


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Tags64px, LOWREZJAM, Ludum Dare 39, webgl


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I really like this, the presentation, both the graphics and audio, how the whole thing feels like. Saying this as someone who worked on narrow gauge railways, and on occasions coasted down the line riding small carriages, captures the experience very well!


Thanks for the technical walkthrough. That was really interesting :)


Nice. Fantastic work! Great videos too!

Does not work on my machine (Win10, Chrome, very strong PC) :( I can see the menu but after hitting "start" is says "failed tocreate webgl context" and that's it. Menu is the only thing I can see. Tried both high and low quality.

Can you please check on IE , I think it works better on IE when on Windows at the moment.